Nebulizing Essential Oils Diffuser

Nebulizing Essential Oils Diffuser

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Our diffuser will disperse your essential oils using its heatless system: it blows cool air through your essences, creating a light mist. This process will conserve all of the properties of your essential oils. No water required.

Diffusion is a highly efficient way to benefit from the qualities of essential oils. It will thus allow you to live in an enriched and therapeutic atmosphere on a daily basis. 

The respiratory tract, the otorhinolaryngological system, the immune system, mood, concentration, and sleep patterns can all be altered through this technique. By using certain essential oils, you can equally work on the sanitisation of your living spaces fighting off mites, mould and airborne spores, bacteria, etc. This will help treat or prevent winter illnesses, allergies, and above all create a safe and peaceful space where the organism can rest and recharge its batteries.
This product does not have an integrated timer. This diffuser works plugged into mains electricity.


Insert a few drops of essential oil or the synergy of your choosing.

Caution! Only use a few drops at a time to avoid completely submerging the nebulizer. 

Turn the control button to regulate the flow. To switch the diffuser off, turn the same button in the other direction until you hear a loud 'click'.