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Detox - Organic Natural Solution 30ml

Detox - Organic Natural Solution 30ml

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This Detox Natural Solution Blend will be your ally to help you detoxify your body, thanks to plants and essential oils with naturally draining properties, in addition to a suitable diet.

These six Natural Solution blends are 100% organic food supplements combining the properties of plant active ingredients with essential oils and floral water in an organic vegetable glycerin base. A true concentrate of active ingredients, NATURAL SOLUTIONS BIO are easy to use and effective. 

How to use:
Take 20 drops in a glass of water before each meal for a course of 10 days. This detox blend has a lovely minty taste to it. 

Black Radish, Elderberry, Boldo, Birch, Mate, Nettle, Sage, Dandelion and Papaya, Peppermint Floral Water, Lemon Essenital Oil, Spearmint and Rosemary.