Head lice lotion treatment with certified organic ingredients available now in Ireland. Headlice lotion with shea butter and essential oils. Natural remedy for head lice
Organic Head Lice Treatment Lotion 100ml

Organic Head Lice Treatment Lotion 100ml

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 100% natural product clinically proven

Made from a unique combination of organic essential oils, carrier oils and shea butter. Perfectly formulated to kill head lice with natural plant based ingredients. Made by Laboratoire Altho, France. Leaves hair and scalp nourished while smelling beautiful. 


Apply on dry hair and massage from the roots to the tips, insisting on the neck and behind the ears. Leave on for 20 minutes before washing with a shampoo. Rinse.
Repeat application 1 week later. 

**FREE head lice comb with each Head Lice Treatment Lotion purchase while stock lasts.


Organic virgin oils of sunflower*, coconut*, neem*, castor* and karanja*, organic essential oils of lavandin super*, geranium rosat*, cedar* and true lavander*, organic shea butter*.
*ingredients from organic farming.


100% of the ingredients are for natural origin.
99% of the ingredients come from organic farming

Clinically proven : Kills lice and facilitates the detachment and elimination of the nits.

Clinical test for lice and nits protection efficacy, BIOCIDE Group 3 TP 18 : insecticide / biocide product for lice (excluding medecine use).

Capacity: 100 mL

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