No.7 - Fungal Infections
No.7 - Fungal Infections

No.7 - Fungal Infections

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100% natural, 100% organic, made with organic essential oils.

This is a uniquely formulated blend of essential oils and plant extracts for fungal nail.

The discreet, easy to use Roll'On has been specially formulated to penetrate into the nail to treat nail fungal at its source. It also helps to prevent the spread of the fungus & protects against recurrence.

Apply this oil directly to the skin or nails that are affected. Ideal for fungal nail infections, athlete's foot, skin infections and warts.


Roll the ball directly on the affected area 3 times a day.


Sunflower seed oil*, Niaouli Essential oil*, Tea Tree Essential oil*, Maritime Pine Essential oil*.

* From organic culture.

Capacity: 10 ml

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